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What can I tell you about myself? I’m really quite ordinary. I dream a lot, and sometimes they come true. Like writing a few books, like traveling to a few countries, like loving a few precious people, like being able to talk to you. Now.

I’ve read obsessively for as long as I can remember. Through the written word, I’ve lived a thousand lives and witnessed a thousand more during my travels. We are, after all, a sum total of what we see and read, who we love and care for, much like a Lego puzzle being set up, one experience at a time.

And one day I decided to pour them all out in a book.

It wasn’t an easy undertaking, given the distractions. Day after day, I’d put fingers to keyboard and write out a few words, battling the glittery discount advertisements popping on my laptop’s screen and the beeping mobile by my side urgently summoning me to the office. But I fought on, like a warrior soul and once my book was done, I knew this is it. This is what I wanted to with my life. I’d discovered my life’s purpose.

Books are my raison d’être. I’m a total nerd.

I’m also a feminist. You’ll note that my novels always have strong, central female characters. They’re not perfect, and they’re deeply conflicted, but they are able to lead their lives with dignity and make their own life choices for better or for worse.

I love coffee. I talk to Ghosts.

In other oddities: I believe in magic, jump in glee when the rains pour down, lisp my way through arguments and bawl uncontrollably when chided. I live and work in the big, bad Metropolitan of Mumbai, the city that gives the word its beef. My stories and articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines over the years, winning me awards, accolades, and a gentle, recurring advice from my Dad to consider writing a full-length novel.

Well, here I am.

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