Moira Madhwa cannot be found. She is not in her flat, has not been coming to work and is not answering her phone. As everyone starts looking for her, they realize nothing is as it seems. Skeletons tumble out of closets, dirty secrets are revealed and each wonders if the other had something to do with her disappearance.

Is Moira dead or alive? Kidnapped or murdered? Where is she? And most importantly, who among them doesn’t want her found…the one with the most to lose…

DEAD TO THEM is a psychological thriller novel that weaves a web of dangerous games, lies and paranoia. Set in the city of Mumbai, it is an account of how mundane, everyday lives can turn upside down just by the triggering of one incident. Lovers of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train will find this book as exciting. The story moves with conflicting and unreliable narratives, unusual characters who are hard to love and full of faults, full of revolting secrets, yet like us and one of us. This is a story that can happen to anyone. And it reflects the perils of loneliness as we live increasingly isolated urban lives.

Out in bookstores soon.

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