2 days in Brasov

48 hours in Braşov| The perfect itinerary

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48 hours in Braşov: A comprehensive travel itinerary  First of all, Braşov is pronounced ‘Brashov’. And secondly, if you’re coming from Bucharest, be prepared to fall in love. The town square is one of the prettiest I have seen, surrounded as it is by the lush Carpathian Mountains. Braşov is […]

24 hours in Bucharest

24 hours in Bucharest | The perfect itinerary

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24 hours in Bucharest solo | A travel itinerary As I write this, I can hear streams of rap through my open window on a pleasant September night. I am told it is a pop-up party in my neighbourhood. It doesn’t sound particularly musical to me but I can hear […]

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24 hours in Timisoara travel itinerary

24 hours in Timisoara | The perfect itinerary

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When you step into Timisoara, quite immediately you’ll notice its gorgeous parks and squares, then possibly the number of fat pigeons cavorting around in them. Once you’ve skirted their flapping wings and droppings, you’ll notice a large number of students lounging about and the impressive Habsburg buildings in the city. […]

Train Travel in Romania

Transportation in Romania for solo travelers

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Transportation options in Romania for solo travellers who don’t want to drive Romania is best seen in a rented car. The roads are good and the countryside drives are amazing. The traffic can be unpredictable though and the driving sometimes rash. Honking and overtaking is common. Also, be careful while […]