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Six-year-old Akshara watches her mother die. At thirteen, she watches her best friend die. She’s heartbroken, but their deaths don’t surprise her. She has a secret ─ she can glimpse into the future of those she loves. For her, it’s not a blessing, but a curse; every life she touches is thrown into turmoil, friends abandon her, and she is overwhelmed by more guilt than she can bear. Then, one day, she sees her own unhappy fate.

Does Akshara bring her loved ones the misfortunes they blame her for? Will Akshara be able to save herself after she has lost everyone she loved? Or will she lose her sanity like her mother did?

A gripping, evocative, and sometimes surreal page-turner, He Knew a Firefly follows Akshara as she tries to light the dark, unknown pathways for her loved ones, before being ultimately consumed by the flames herself.

The book was featured by author Ann Girdharry in her Huffington Post Blog. Read more here.

Praise for He Knew a Firefly

“A wonderfully written story – lyrical and poignant. I really enjoyed the poetic style of writing and it’s not an exaggeration when I call the prose ‘beautiful’. A rich, literary fiction spanning loyalties, relationships and tragedy, drawing on the cultures of India.” — Ann Girdharry, author of Good Girl Bad Girl, Tell me a Secret, London Noir

“But the most important part of this novel is the absolutely exquisite writing. It is equal parts joy and heartbreak, and at time it is even bone-chilling.” — Lorca Damon @ReadioactiveBooks

“I recommend this book as a gracefully written poignant read. I especially liked the scenes which showed some of the different cultures of India, the extended family, the expectations of marriage, and the competitive high tech culture. And the three stories stand on their own as deeply felt, sometimes tragic, portraits.” — Winifred, author of Of Mice and Money and Bombed

“All the characters seemed alive to me as if I was living their lives. And when it finally ended, it was sadly satisfying, the best kind to be. Highly recommended.” — Karan Garg

“Turned out to be a roller coaster of a read – love, sadness, happiness, intrigue – it has a bit of everything. The three parallel storylines kept me hooked till the very end, every turn of the story revealing something new. I could not put down the book until the very end. Akshara is a heroine you will remember for a long time” — Amazon Customer


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Vengeful-Cover“Their eyes had met. For that tantalizing brief second, in the fore of an infinite inky-blue sky, underneath brief sparks from elusive stars, their eyes, like two blunt hooks, had clasped for one second before he fell, plunging down eight floors of nothingness. His arms were unmoving by his side, turned down like a pair of broken wings. His feet looked fractured, a split rubber band. His face, pale blob of custard, a thin, befuddled smile on it.”

Mia Singh is heartbroken. The man she thought was the one, the love of her life has just broken up with her. To make matters worse, he is flaunting a new girlfriend around their workplace. Bitter and devastated, Mia begins to obsess with getting back at her ex, devising ways to kill him so that she can make him pay for what he was putting her through. Sitting in her tiny office cubicle, she adds to her ‘kill list’ every day, plotting and planning, until one day, her devious scheme is realized.

When the love of your life dumps you, you’re going to go little nuts. But how much crazy is too much?

A gripping novella, written in a tragicomic vein, Vengeful is a spurned lover’s tale of retribution; a lesson to the one that dumped, and the last that he will ever learn.

Praise for Vengeful

“A touch of Twilight Zone, a touch dark humor.” — Gloria Piper

“Along with being a very well-written thriller, this novella could almost be a cautionary tale.” — Sonal Panse, author of The Panchatantra Retold series and artist

“Vengeful is a very well-written novella. A sad, heartbreaking story that takes a very clever albeit distressing twist at the end.” — L. Evans

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