7 days in Ladakh | The perfect itinerary

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Know before Ladakh or La dags—the Land of Mountain Passes—is located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir extending from the Kunlun mountains to the Great Himalayas. The Indus river flows through Ladakh, and Leh is its capital. Ladakh is a two-thousand-year-old kingdom of Tatar herders who learned to grow barley and few other crops like peas and […]

10 days in Turkey Istanbul

10 days in Turkey | The perfect itinerary

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My first trip to Turkey was taken in 2010 before President Erdoğan took over (in 2014) and the deadly coup attempt on his life (in 2016). Both were monumental turning points in Turkey’s political history and changed the country’s landscape for, in my opinion, worse. My memories of Turkey are […]