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For Lovers of Warm Snug Mysteries That Transport You to Exotic Places

The Darya Nandkarni mystery series are cosy atmospheric whoddunits. The books provide all that readers love: an exciting mystery, an escape to unknown lands, and the familiarity of lovable and relatable characters.

Darya is an amateur and an accidental detective. She is clever, spirited, resourceful, yet troubled and vulnerable. She is thrown into the most bizarre and seemingly unsolvable mysteries, most involving serial killers. Bumbling, stumbling, and crumbling, she somehow manages to solve all of them.

Darya’s adventures will make you laugh, cry, gape, and marvel. You won’t be able to put down the book until you’ve solved the mystery along with her in whichever exotic location she is.

The Cosy Mystery Series


Darya is in Goa. Her uncle is dead and she has arrived at his home at Heliconia Lane to clear up his effects. Though she soon realizes several of his neighbours have died under similarly suspicious circumstances. Could the motive of the murders be a crime that had taken place twenty years ago—a crime that the neighbours had kept secret and now were dying for? Darya sets out to solve the mystery, uncaring she was putting her own life in danger.

‘A gripping, intense page-turner.’ – Vineet Bajpai, Author of the Bestselling Harappa Trilogy.

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Darya is in Chapel Road, Mumbai. She is here on a short study break. At first, she thinks it’s a quaint little lane to take pictures of and boast about to her friends. But soon she gets to know of the tragic mystery that lurks behind its peculiar charm. Three women have disappeared from there in the past years, purportedly taken by a serial killer. No dead bodies were ever found and no one was ever caught. And now it was that time of year again. Could Darya be next?

‘The Secret Angels is a gripping crime suspense novel that does not let up. It does not waste time and captures readers right away with its mystery. Chapel Road is introduced in both the physical and emotional sense with great imagery. The tone is dark and looming; the story is engrossing and it’s so easy to read. In this tale, Bhattacharya shows Mumbai’s culture and pressing social issues as she sends chills down her audience’s spines.’ – Readers’ Favorite starred review.

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Darya in is Sibiu, Romania. A backpacker is missing. Impressed by Darya’s past exploits, the owner of the missing boy’s hostel tasks Darya to look for him. After some digging, Darya leads the police to an old farmhouse. They find the backpacker’s two-week-old dead body wedged inside the chimney. Along with two others.

The locals think it is the devil’s work. Darya knows not to trust local superstitions, of which there are many. But the crime is so diabolical, so unique, it begs the question: who could be doing this?

Darya needs to find out urgently before she is forced to leave Sibiu. And as she races to solve the mystery, she has to make sure she doesn’t let new friendships or the town’s insidious secrets get in her way.

‘This is a must-read for everyone who enjoys mysteries set in unique places and with wonderful twists and turns! What sets the book apart is the characters. Each one is shrouded in mystery, suspicious, hiding something and anyone could be guilty!’ Red Pillows Reviews.

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Reader reviews of the cosy mystery series

✓”Darya Nandkarni is an adult Nancy Drew.”

✓”This book gives a refreshing take on the murder mystery genre with style being comparable to the likes of Agatha Christie and Sir Doyle.”

✓”The descriptions made me feel as if I was right there. ”

✓”Fast-paced book, keeps you hooked and guessing till the end.”

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