Dead to Them e book

What if everyone you loved wanted you dead?

What if your ‘normal’ friends hid evil secrets, secrets they could kill you for?

Moira Madhwa cannot be found. She is not in her flat, has not been coming to work and is not answering her phone. When her friends start looking for her, they realize nothing is as it seems. Skeletons tumble out of closets, dirty secrets are revealed and each wonders if the other had something to do with her disappearance.

Is Moira dead or alive? Kidnapped or murdered? Where is she? And most importantly, who among her friends don’t want her found…the one with the most to lose…

One of the most suspenseful books you’ll ever read

Why should you read this book?

  • A thrilling, page-turning novel that is guaranteed to keep you up at night
  • A nightmarish event that can happen to any of us. Isn’t it fun to read about ‘what could be’, and not actually be in it?
  • Girl missing in the big, bad city of Mumbai and all the complications that come with it.
  • A complex movie-like thriller with intertwined stories that will make you desperately wonder ‘who did it?’ as the pages fly
  • Bestselling Indian mystery fiction; Agatha Christie style

A review by Bookgeeks:

Praise for Dead to Them:

“Thriller fans who delight in psychological depth are in for a treat. Dead to Them is feisty, fast-paced, unpredictable, and filled with satisfyingly unexpected twists of plot. It is psychological thriller writing at its best.” — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.

“…there is no denying the brilliance in it.” —

“An exciting thriller. An author to watch out for.” — Shuchi Singh Kalra, bestselling author of I am Big. So What!? and A Cage of Desires.

“The author gives you questions, and she does it in such a way that you end up mentally begging for the answers.” –The Book Piper

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant thriller!” — bewitching words

“Nail-biting suspense thriller.” — Sarath Babu, top 500 Amazon reviewer

“Slick, edgy storytelling: Engrossing read.” — Amazon reader

“Wonderfully penned down.”— Arpan Ghosh, reader, blogger

“Story of the book is woven so nicely that it kept me hooked till the end.” — PS_reviews

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Get it on *****

Get it on *****


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